Marley seems to dwell in a parallel world, but from a certain age he began to gain some understanding of the conventional one.
He remains adamant that the feeling of love is not to be restrained, rather shared with with every being.

Unable to speak coherently for years, he communicates powerfully with color and mesmerizing forms.
He was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy in early childhood.

“I will be who I am” ruled, and the usual social conditioning had no foothold.

From age 5, he was never apart from ink and paper…

“Born in Hong Kong, he spent over a year in tropical paradise. He took his first walking step at his first-birthday party in the lotus gardens of the Park Guesthouse in Pondicherry, India, where we were living at the time . . .”

These days his mother, Nancy Bekhor, attributes Marley’s  point of view and his  ‘intent’ to be fundamental to her having learned how to simply remain happy. “A beautiful twist of fate and a story that wants to be told…”